March 9 -15, 2020 

Join us in the vibrant forest of Brazil

 Connect with the wisdom of nature as we journey through the gateways of the Medicine Wheel, deepening in our understanding of the elements and the energies this sacred wheel holds. Beginning on the Full Moon, this retreat will support the growth of our relationship to our feminine essence, in all its forms, and to the innate wisdom which lives inside of us.

Each day will be spent honoring and connecting with a different element and direction of the Medicine Wheel, and exploring intuitively, the way each gateway opens itself and guides us to receive its gifts; the airs bringing inspiration and clarity, fire helping us to transform what may not serve us, the water offering a nourishing reflection and the Earth reminding us of our ancestors’ wisdom. The fifth gateway of this journey will call in the heart of the stars, the heart of the earth and our inner heart, as we align ourselves with this axis so we may stand tall in our power and embody our truth in our femininity.

During this five-day journey, we will dive into a variety of offerings which support the body, mind and spirit in the awakening and flowering of the whole of our being. This will include:

-elemental wisdom + chakra balancing

-aligning with the elements through herbal remedies

-altar creation + sweatlodge

-full moon circle + intuitive astrology

-teachings of the moon + sacred moontime (menstruation)

-cacao ceremony + sound healing

-song circle + ecstatic dance

-creative writing + journaling

-yoga + meditation


In addition to these offerings, there will be free time each day which can be enjoyed relaxing, walking the forest trail and swimming in the waterfall. Private sessions will be available as well, with options of Deep Release Massage, Acupressure Foot Massage, personal Yoga sessions, Dream Journeys, Ceremonial hand-poked Tattoo, Astrology Readings and Intuitive Hair Cutting.



Coming from different lineages and backgrounds, Melinda, Winter and Freya share their common connection, as carriers of the sacred obsidian pipe; a symbol of their commitment and dedication to the Moon Dance and to the responsibility of sharing the teachings of the Moon, with all women. It is from this work, and with the support of their teachers and elders, that this retreat is inspired -to hold a space where women can come for healing, transformation and awakening.

The following prices include a 6 night / 5 day stay in a private casita at Ciranda in the tropical forest of Brazil. Accommodation includes three vegetarian meals each day, laundry service and wifi available. 

New Moon


This price is available to anyone who is currently living in Brazil with Brazilian Citizenship.

Crescent Moon


Honor your calling.

Early bird price available until

November 12th, 2019. 

Half Moon


Connect with your divinity. 

Sign-up at anytime with this offering. 

Full Moon


A special price!

Receive 4 private offerings.

- Yoga or Dream Journey Session

- 90min Elemental Connection and Greif Release Massage  

- Acupressure Foot Massage 

- Your Choice of Astrology Reading, Intuitive Haircut or Herbal Body Steam.

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"Ciranda is a nonprofit Organization Center in a tropical forest of Brazil.We are group of devoted and passionate people whose aim is assisting others to transform their lives into a state of empowered and joyful living. Our mission is to preserve our environment while holding an ecological integrity.The essence of Ciranda provides a sacred space that awaken the best in the human spirit, inspire sharing and harmony, rejuvenate the body and soul and connect with nature." - Keren-Or Atari, facilitator at Ciranda


Less than 2 hours from vibrantly beautiful Rio de Janeiro, Ciranda is situated in a gentle, lush green wilderness dappled with flowers and blossoms, and private forest trails meandering from one waterfall and pool to another.

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